Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-12T20:15:49+05:30
What is HSI/India?2020-06-14T21:07:17+05:30

Humane Society International/ India (HSI/India) is an affiliate of Humane Society International (HSI), which, along with Humane Society of the United States, forms the world’s largest animal protection organization with presence in over 50 countries, Humane Society International is one of the few global animal protection organizations working to help all animals—including animals in laboratories, animals on farms, companion animals and wildlife.

What kind of start-ups do you consider?2020-06-14T21:08:27+05:30

The Humane Entrepreneurship Program aims to enable three categories of entrepreneurs:

  • Idea Stage Start-Up: Prototype and or business plan in place.
  • Pilot Stage Start-Up: Minimum viable product (MVP) ready and looking to pilot.
  • Scale Stage Start-Up: Piloted the prototype and is looking to get into larger scale production.
Is this for Indian ventures only?2020-06-14T21:08:42+05:30

Yes, you must be planning to register or already be registered in India.

How do I apply?2020-07-07T19:25:23+05:30

We’re so glad you want to participate! Please prepare a business plan and submit it along with our application form, which will go live on the 10th of July 2020.

We will review your application thoroughly and be in touch. We will set up a short interview to get to know you and your start-up better. Based on your form and the interview we will make a decision on the admission into the program.

I have submitted the form and completed the interview, when will I know if I have been selected for the program.2020-08-15T12:23:27+05:30

Based on your form and the interview we will make a decision on the admission into the program by the 31st of August 2020

What are the timelines for the program?2020-08-15T12:24:08+05:30
What kind of funding can I expect?2020-06-23T08:52:33+05:30

From HSI/India we will be contributing a grant of up to ₹8 lakhs each to all those selected for the program. Furthermore, the program ends with a pitch day where you have the opportunity to pitch to leading investors and secure funds for your venture.

Do I have to travel for the program?2020-06-23T08:52:57+05:30

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 we are running this program virtually. We would like to exercise the option to host some face to face meetings for the pitch day later in the program if regulations and guidance norms permit.

When does the program start?2020-06-16T22:41:25+05:30

1st September 2020

I am having difficulties in filling out the online application form, what can I do?2020-07-24T16:17:41+05:30

We’re sorry to hear that, to access our form offline please download and send your filled out application along with the pitch deck to

I have more questions; how do I get in touch?2020-06-23T08:45:28+05:30

Please contact us at,