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Cohort 2022


Oat Drinks & Chickpea Cheese

‘Made from Plants’ will make a range of plant-based dairy alternatives, starting with oat beverages. We are in the process of developing a high-protein cheese alternative produced through proprietary food technology.

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Hemali Pasad

Plant Based Gelato

We make Tasty, Healthy and Cruelty Free Plant Based Gelato using Natural Ingredients & Love. Our Rich & Creamy Gelato is made with minimal ingredients (4 to 5) without any Preservatives & Refined Sugar.

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Ankush Jamadagni

Plant-based Dairy Alternatives

OATEY is a plant based company facilitating Healthy, Sustainable & Cruelty Free Living, without compromising on Taste or Quality! We bring to the world, Tastier, Healthier, Greener & Kinder food choices!

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Shantanu Dhangar

Plant-based Seafood

We at Seaspire, developed and produce India’s first Plant Based whole-cut fish fillet. Our other offering include Fish less Burger patties and Fish less Nuggets

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Cohort 2021

Ranjith Kumar

Artificial Tissues

Biodimension Technology is a tissue engineering company that develops “artificial tissues”, to eliminate animal based experiments for testing cosmetic ingredients by cosmetic companies.

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Pankaj Khabia

Premium Non-Leather Products

Ethik produces premium non leather products, with a focus on men’s footwear and accessories. They use microfiber materials and plant-based fabrics to design accessible, modern, value-driven products for the Indian ecosystem.

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Jai Khandelwal

Plant-based Dairy

Funny Nani (earlier NayaM!lk) is a plant based dairy company with a focus on developing alternatives to value added dairy products from Novel Indian Indigenous crops with a current focus on plant based paneer.

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Bharat Bakaraju

Bovine Milk & Milk Products

Phyx44 working on creating bovine milk and milk products by working on nature identical, microbe created proteins & fats for human consumption created via recombinant protein expression and single cell lipids derivatives.

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Ishu Bindal

Plant-based Egg Alternatives

Plantish is currently focused on on developing healthy, safe and sustainable plant-based egg alternatives which can be used to make boiled eggs, scramble, omelettes and other regional dishes, all without having the end consumer compromise on taste, price and nutrition.

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Pranjuli Garg

Plant-based Meat Products

ProMeat is offering plant-based meat products made from plant derived proteins. They are focusing on replicating and retaining the taste, texture, and appeal of conventional meats from native Indian crops. Their current product portfolio includes plant-based meat burger patties, sausages and kebabs.

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Program 2021

Cohort 2020

Manish Pareek

Vegan Leather

The company currently operates two divisions, the first being an online marketplace, VegShoes.in, which sells vegan shoes. The second is the research and development division, which is working on creating better vegan leather that outperform and outlasts the properties of real leather. Manish is using biomimicry to replicate the cell-like structure found in animal leather and create vegan leather.

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Ravali Amba

Precision Fermentation-based Alternative Seafood

At Brew51, Ravali wants to create a kinder, healthier and more sustainable world by replacing animals in our foods using plants and precision fermentation — starting with fish. The motivation for creating a fish alternative is that there is an animal welfare, human health and sustainability crisis with the ways in which fish are farmed, killed and eaten today.

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Kushal Aradhya

Plant-based Meat and Spirulina

Naka Foods develops alternative foods with impact, like microalgae-based and plant-based products. The company’s first product, the 4 PM Bar (already on the market), is a convenient cereal bar made from super food Spirulina. Its second product is a plant-based chicken, currently under development.

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Jasmine Bharucha

Vegan and Plant-based Cheezes

Katharos currently offers two vegan cheeze products, Herbed Feta and Gooey Pizza. Both can be used for a variety of cooking purposes and are absolutely safe for children and pregnant mothers, as the main ingredient is nuts (almonds or cashew) without any add-ons.

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Program 2020